The Poet


Self deprecation
Joy depravation
Misplaced aspiration
Despair cultivation

The life of a poet…. quietly crying, laughing while dying, constantly trying but losing or tying, tears always drying, brain always frying, never applying, so don’t be relying, He’s selling not buying

Turmoil eternal
An organic novel
Conflict resolution
Get down and grovel
spiritual revolution
Tales of real life
People love pain
Of other in strife
The loves of a poet…. forever uncertain of lover he’s hurtin’, passion subvertin’ and over exertin’ the victim of flirtin’ hides behind curtain, needs reasserting to carry the burden

Shares every smile
Shares every sorrow
Lends out his soul
For any to borrow
Low self esteem
Heart on a sleeve
Pray that the poet
Decides not to leave
The soul of the poet….however life goes, one thin he knows, he’ll struggle eternal with internal woes, reaps what he sows so whatever life throws he absorbs the blows cause that’s how he flows

Take a minute
To thank the writer
Painting words
To make life brighter

Hates his life, hates himself, carries all the weight
Bares his heart, bares his soul in an effort to create
Exists in strife, wallows in grief letting inspiration flow
Bears the wound, hides the scar, something you should know
The Poet

Shares his crazy just for you
Asks nothing in return
Makes you laugh makes you cry
While you can view him burn

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