Roll Credits


Opening scene held blissful promise
Sure to be a box office sensation
Two young lovers in a trance of passion
from seeds of their playful flirtation

Flames of love fanned with devotion
Two heart beating for a single goal
Love strong and true would see them through
As the warmth soothed them soul to soul

But as love bloomed something just felt wrong
Suspicion sprouted across their unity
Stale perfume and late night meetings
He began betraying her with impunity

Nights alone she cried to an empty bed
And that’s when the plot it thickened
A receipt for short stay motel in pocket
Faced with evidence she was sickened

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt
There will never be a happy ever after
She will take matters in her own two hands
And hang that bastard from the rafters

Another late night excuse stumbled home
Confronted with scornful green eyed fury
This time he’ll get what had long been coming
His angry lover would have to face the jury

Hair was messy but not even single tear
When she posed smiling for a mugshot
No need to wait for closing credits
She had kissed him with some buckshot


If you amplify your problems
The solutions cant be heard
Muffled rising above the din
They will lead to the absurd

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