Ego Street


The sun don’t shine on ego street
Dark so bright its blinding

Thunders up and down the lane
And the paths are ever winding

If you hang out on ego street

You’ll be surrounded by the plastic

No one says what they truly feel

Admiration oozes out elastic

Only way they can feed your ego

Is fabricating calculated tribulations

Spewing words engorged with insincerity

And orating counterfeit adulations

But Homie don’t play that, much to modest

When I speak its what I really mean

Never want to be dipped in iron pyrite

Always part of a more important team

So don’t look for me down on ego street

That’s not where you’ll find me hiding

Just truck yourself down to Humble Square

Cause Baby, that’s where I’ll be residing


Don’t let second hand vanity
Embezzle all your humanity
You risk losing half your sanity
Cause that shits pompous profanity

Absolute power it can seduce
Hang conceit on you like a noose
Best to keep the bragging way down loose
And not treat people so obtuse

Common courtesy should not be uncommon……. Peace

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