Walk With Me


Walk with me hand in hand
A journey through salvation
Discover how I became to be
From a lifetime of gestation

We are the sum of all our parts
The leading role of our own play
Forever morphing and evolving
A fragrant character bouquet

Been so many people
Lived so many lives
Won’t know exactly which I am
When that time arrives

Some of them I like a lot
Others not so sure
Wish some lives were swept away
Locked behind a door

But each of them are all of me
For better or for worse
Pieces of organic puzzle
Part blessing and part curse

Looking back my head held high
I wouldn’t change too much
Even with my clouded judgments
Every minutia and every touch

Cause in the end its quite a ride
A journey of elations
And each and every twist and turn
Adds to its excitations

Push it
Shove it
Live it
Love it
Walk with me through life

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