Transcendental Medication (Exploring Philosophy Through Drug Enhanced Acupuncture) E10

change plot

Previously on Transcendental Medication
We embraced so tight, neither of us wanting to let go, my body was shaking. “Ambrosina, tell me this is all real, it has to be

I had never before understood the true meaning of unity in love but Ambrosina and I had become one person, one concept. Love is bliss, a joy expressible in words.

The shouting of my name woke me up, the familiar voice of Shea, “JT! Come on buddy, its time to go.” This time I wasn’t angry at him, I wasn’t panicked, I was okay with it, with everything. My huge smile and I walked down the mountain oblivious to our surroundings.

Changing The Plot
J.T. Hilltop

“Please relax while I remove needles JT. I take them out an we give you towel, your body very wrinkle. You in tank for long time my boy. There bed in other room, have something to eat and take nap, when you wake we talk.” I obliged willingly or not, I could barely move. The water from the tank rushed off me and I felt Kha removing the acupuncture needles. Like a zombie I got off the stand of the deprivation tank, walked into the other room and picked up a sandwich. I felt sensations similar to a hangover, but not a feel sick with pounding headache hangover, more like a mental or emotional hangover. The acupuncture had given me some hallucinations but they seemed awfully real to me. My body was certainly feeling the after effects of making love, climbing up waterfalls and such. Emotionally I feared I was in love with a vision but her touch and her words were so real. Ambrosina taught me what love is then told me I would meet her back in my own dimension. I’m not sure what she meant but I believe her, believe in her. As I attempted to sort everything out I looked over to the bed. The bed sent me an invitation so I accepted hoping to become one with the mattress. I lay on my back while reviewing my trip, or whatever the fuck it was I was on. While on some kind of island paradise I learned of love, of free will, and that my conception of time is seriously erroneous. There is a god though nothing similar to the one I was taught as a young boy, and this creator is a female perpetuating a swindle using the bible to conceal real truths, of which apparently there are only four of. Kha promised me a meeting with her to finally explain what nothing is to me. My mind went back to the times I had with Ambrosina. I smiled contentedly before falling into a deep sleep.
As I opened my eyes before I could even focus I sensed someone in the room with me. “Finerly wake up, eh JT?” I was still groggy as I stretched my body, “Yes Kha, I’m awake. But I’m also a bit confused, how much of that was real and how much was a hallucination?” Kha handed me a bottle of water, “It all real my son, it ownry seem like hallucination because it not what you used to as reality. We do again next week and then you get better understand.” He was cleverly dismissive but I pressed him, “I saw Ambrosina again, and I met Shea. They both talked about my time stream, and about the four truths. What did they mean by that?”
“My son you are a curious one, so full of question. Next week we talk of forces, or truths, but for now I tell you about time stream. Each of us have own time stream an we intersect with many other time stream. But you cannot intersect with time stream that not in your own time, like your great great grandfather. That cause big paradox for your reality. Remember time is no straight line, time is like big ball of tiny strings. Okay listen, if you view your life like a movie reel, opening credits to ending credits your life can play like a film. Remember in school when you watch a movie and the teacher played it backwards to rewind. Everyone laughed, it look really funny, but even backward everything in the movie still happen, ownry not in same order. Points of time can be manipulated but not change, everything still happen. You know JT that when you see star shooting across sky it burn out many many years ago, but ownry now you see it. Time same, happen already my son. Every life already finish maybe millions years ago, my life, your life, even Ambrosina life. Your reality, your life stream is ownry how you experience it. You get what I mean?” I gave it a few seconds to sink in, it’s a pretty radical concept that is far from anything I had ever conceived. If I’m understanding him every life has already happened, and each of us are experiencing it in real time as it applies to our point of history. “I’m not sure Kha, but I think so. Your telling me everything has already happened, many years ago like that star, but I’m watching it like a movie right now. Is that it? Doe that mean its not real then?” The old man suddenly seemed so much older, as though I had been gone for years and not hours. Have I aged as well? This is too much to process, what’s real or not real, old or young. “That close JT, but it not movie, it reality. We live in three dimension but there are many dimensions, all stacked up against each other. Like movies at video store, ownry you cannot choose which movie you watch. Movie already happen, but you see movie from start to finish. That your time stream, your history. You very curious and open minded man JT, that’s why I chose you for Transcendental Medication program. But for now I think better you consider all you have learned so far for one week. Take time to sort through, go live your life and forget about all this time stream and dimensions until next session. We have plenty time to talk about time and dimension next session.” As much as I wanted to know I also knew Kha was right, I should figure out all I’ve been through for a bit. Maybe some wine, a night out, to prepare myself for the four truths. I will meet Ambrosina again, I will meet God, then Kha will explain the four truths and the dimensions. No need to overload my fragile brain at this point. Remember what Shea said, change my plot, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going home to figure out how I can change my plot. “You’re right Dr. Kha, I should take the time to sort things out for myself, decide how I want my plot to change.” Kha smiled but I could see a bit of confusion in his eyes. Maybe he doesn’t know about changing plot lines. That’s cool, something I know that he doesn’t. With that I felt much better, got up and left. ‘See ya next week Doc!” I sensed the wind of his head as it shook back an forth trying to figure me out. That made me smile even more.
I walked down the street with an exuberance I haven’t felt in years. Life was good, I was feeling great and in control. I can’t change the parts of the story already lived, I can’t change the final chapter, but I can alter the coming events. I can write my own history. I was literally bouncing with joy as I walked and spun around saying over and over, “I’m changing my plot” Proceeding with my head in the clouds I spun right into another person knocking them backward. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, totally my fault, are you all right?” As I reached out to help this person regain the balance I had inadvertently compromised things got even better. It was a lovely young woman. She was more than lovely, she was striking. Thick long onyx black hair in tight curls surrounded a beautiful face with high cheekbones, deep hazel eyes, and soft lips accentuated with the perfect amount of rich red lipstick. I held her by her arm, all five foot two of her. She glared at me, “What the Hell are you doing mister?” I employed my best puppy dog eyes and half smile, “I am so sorry maam, I just got some really good news and I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” Her glare softened as she realized I wasn’t being an asshole perve. We locked eyes and I saw something very familiar and enticing in her eyes, “Well I hope the news was real good because you damn near knocked me over.” It wasn’t anger, more like a flirt so I jumped at the opportunity, “Oh indeed it was, I received news I would be running into a beautiful girl soon and she would accept a dinner invitation and well, here you are, and I I literally bumped in to you!” In an attempt at being coy I gave her my sexy eye look. She tilted her head glancing at me sideways with pursed lips, “seriously, does that lame line really work for you?” It wasn’t a challenge it was banter, “Truth is I never tried it before. But I am hoping it will work, so maybe if I start again. Hi, my name is JT and I’m the jerk who almost knocked you over just to say hello. I am terribly sorry and would be honored if you would allow me to make up for it by taking you to dinner.” She reached into her small purse, took out a pen and a business card flipping it over. After writing something on it she said “My name is Shay, here’s my number. Why don’t you call me tonight and We‘ll see what happens?” I accepted the card as she spun around and walked away. I watched her for a minute, then looked at the card. ‘Shay huh? That’s a pretty name, I am definitely gonna be calling her.” I walked the rest of the way home consumed by our exchange, never once realizing her name was the same as the one in my Transcendental Medication journey. The plot was changing and I wasn’t even aware.
The rest of the world continued completely unaware of the majestic occurrences I had experienced. I had half a sandwich with a big frosty mug of Brown Ale while unable to get the gorgeous Shay from my thoughts. I couldn’t wait until tonight, I took out the card with her number and called. “Hello?” Like a teenager I paused thinking maybe I should hang up, but then how will I ever change my plot if I don’t take a chance. “Hello Shay, its me JT, you know the sexy man the knocked you off your feet earlier today?” Now I realize there is no way one can tell over the phone how someone is reacting but I could swear she blushed and smiled, “What took you so long? And you never actually knocked me off my feet.” After a short pause she continued, “Well are you gonna ask me to dinner or just let the tension build up? I love it when the plot thickens.” I was speechless for a second, did she say the plot? Oh my god this has to be kismet, maybe this is my Ambrosina! Better remain collected, if I start talking about my journey she’ll think I’m crazy for sure. I swallowed hard and did it, “Can I take you to dinner Shay, like maybe right now? I-I mean tonight?” I was excited beyond belief so many possibilities dancing through my head, “I would like that JT, but I have to tell you I don’t normally date men who have initials for a name, what do the initials stand for?” I paused, no one has called me by my name in ages but this woman is turning me inside out. And I’m liking it. “Well, I had kinda hippie parents, my Dad was a joker of sorts, so they name me Justin Thyme, you know like he arrived just in time? That’s why I go by JT, but you can call me Justin.” She laughed out loud, a beautiful wonderful laugh. Oh My God! What is happening to me? “Okay Justin, how about you pick me up at seven? We’ll take it from there. Use your imagination and come up with an idea that will knock my socks off an maybe you will knock them off. I don’t make plans, I hate plans, I like things to be kind of….improvisational.” I haven’t been called Justin since the third grade but it sounded so natural coming from Shays lips. And she hates plans, lives her life like an improv just like me. A dream come true, this must be love. “I will pick you up then, just need to know where.” She gave me her address which is a sure sign she is interested and feels safe with me. No time to waste, gotta pick out my best clothes and get cleaned up, I’m going on a date that is about to change my plot.

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