Something Will Come And Destroy Our Culture (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)

The best part of Monday morning for me is that it’s the perfect time for an existential quandary. That’s my form of exercise, using the brain. You can keep your squats and crunches. To my gyms are a waste of time and filled with quandaries. People keep walking but get nowhere, keep pedaling but remain in the same pot, and everyone seems to be searching for something. Six pack abs and rippling muscles? Fuck that, give me a six pack of ale and let me make ripples on the couch. There are two muscles I concern myself with and a gym won’t help either of them. The one muscle needs more of a coaxing than exercise, and the other muscle is of course my brain, ergo the quandary.
So here is my existential quandary, my brain work out for today. Honey Boo Boo! My daughter talked me into viewing an episode with her last week and when it was over my head was numb. When the shock of the show being considered entertainment wore off, and the more profound shock of realizing my daughter enjoyed it, I launched brain first into the quandary. WTF??
Today I need to put the frightful experience in context. The quandary? Was what I saw real or was it a manifestation delivered via television to brainwash our culture into becoming judgmental? I didn’t o much place judgment on Honey, or her “trailer” family (hows that for judgey?) but more on those that watch avidly. I’m not pigeon holing this show, there’s way too many more like it. Buckwild, Duck Dynasty, Jersey Shore, all kinds of shows that propagate judgment. Turning our culture into a mass of ridiculing bigots. I am afraid I may become a Boo Boo’s witness and go door to door warning everyone that Hell awaits them if they fail to watch. Should these shows exist here or are they better suited for a parallel universe. Wait, is their a parallel universe or are there multi-verses, and if so do I exist in any or all of those universes? Fuck it, my brain hurts, time to hit the shower and start my Monday.

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