Word To My Mom

tribute to Mom. Thanx for never really breaking my neck or handing me my head on a platter. I know you could have just taken my head when I forgot it because it wasn’t attached to my shoulders. I want you to know that even after doing it so many times I’m not blind, although I do need glasses. I’m talking of course about not poking my eyes out running with scissors. The truth is Mom I miss you, sometimes I even fuck up, oops sorry, fornicate up just in the hope that I will hear my middle name screamed in anger. I seem to have grown your finger which I use to point at my own kids when I get mad. I know, I know, it serves me right life isn’t fair so I won’t roll my eyes or look at you with a long face. (gotta admit I still son’s know what a long face is) One last thing Mom, some of my friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and I didn’t join them. You taught me well… Love you Mom, and gallons of love to all the Moms out there who make life worth living.

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