Rolling Overcompensation

Size matters. Not to me, and in the scheme of thing I believe not to most people but to some it truly does. I think it’s a matter of perspective. Guys seem to think if their love muscle doesn’t measure up to the previous lover of the one they fancy they are somehow less of a man. Personally I have much more faith in women in general to be less superficial and caring more about character than (ahem)…membership. Not that there aren’t some women whose preference is a larger waving male, but for the most part its how you use a tool, not how big it is. You can’t do precision work with a sledgehammer! But men have been waving their flag poles for years in an attempt to establish dominance. But how is a dude to know if his size is above average unless he is able to study other dudes? Some try sneaking a peek while at the urinal but that seems kind of….inappropriate! So how do those males ensure they are of sizeable content without seeming less male-ish? They don’t. They overcompensate just to be sure.
How did The Existential Baker get on this particular tangent? Certainly not watching cupcakes rise in the oven, or meringues forming stiff peaks. No, its because of what I saw on the road today. I live in the area of the country effected by Hurricane Sandy, and everyone around here has Sandy envy. Not envy, that was a cheap shot for a laugh, Sandy Paranoia. Well there’s another storm a brewin in the area and it promises tpo be a whopper. (I know, more cheap laughs) People are loading up with gas, the supermarkets are jammed packed with doomsayers with cart full of bread, water, and milk, and the overcompensaters of the road are all out showing off their much larger vehicles. Everywhere you look, Hummers, 4×4’s, Rams, pick ups with four huge tires, pick ups with 6 huge tires and the worst culprit, the pick ups with plow extensions. That’s right, extensions. Almost crude and lewd letting their plows hang out for all to see with nary a flake of snow anywhere. Typical of a show off to fly their plows all over town sso everyone can view the sharp strong metal that in the name of chivalry will remove all the snow from the ladies path and shove it in a corner.
I guess what I’m trying to say is I have been around a pretty long time, made my share of mistakes, but I never looked at having a relationship be considered a conquest, even if it was a short lived one time experience. If I need to show off I show off how smart and compassionate I am. Relationships are all worthy of respect and there is no need to shove your plow in anyone’s face. If you need make an impression on your partner your partner do it with care and compassion. It won’t leave any markings to call your own, but it will be a solid foundation none the less. And that’s no small thing!!…………….PEACE

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