Cosmo’s Journey Continues

You say you want an evolution

When god sized portions of Meade and Weed are in play even a god will suffer the effects of a massive hangover. Combine that with mushroom juice and whatever the hell that plus shit was, not to mention the pleasure muscle getting an ardent workout the previous evening and it was almost impossible for Cosmo to extricate himself from the comalike comforts of sleep. On any other morning he would have taken a long casual sweet ass time to depart from his dormancy but on this day he was far too excited. The Board had approved his bid for knowledge tinkering and he had to meet up with Tall God for the obligatory lecture before actually acquiring the necessary seeds. First to shake of the hangover he poured himself a cup of steaming salicylate tea, a spicy mint flavored tea that helps one focus with an added bonus of dulling the effects of a never again kind of night. While it eased the pain a bit even the tea could not erase his odd sense of paranoia. Cosmo pondered that strange feeling he had last night. He was certain someone else was in that room! Perhaps someone had watched their session of passion exchange but a feeling nagged him that someone else was in the room with them The last time he had the odd sensation of such a paranoia was shortly before his dinosaur planet had gone to shit. Could there be a connection? Maybe a long hot shower will wash the feeling away.
A steaming shower of hot liquid methane always hits the spot. As the silvery methane beat down on his tired body he allowed an involuntary gasp sneak out. He could feel the mixture of body fluids that had acquired all over his body scampering down his legs in search of the drain. The gasp accompanied the fluids and Cosmo began to feel the paranoia dissipate. He reflected on his evening of unbridled passionate love making. It was somewhat unusual for a god to giving such thought about a non god but last night was exceptional on every level for coz. Mary Anne had gone beyond meeting his sexual needs and tapped into a feeling foreign to the gratified god. Cosmo splashed some hot methane on his face and shook it off. “Never get attached,” he mumbled to no one.
Freshly invigorated from the steamy methane shower he applied cesium oxide in his eyes to get the red out, splashed a dab of sephora extract behind his ears and began feeling much better. He quickly got dressed and headed of to the Intergalactic Café where he was to meet Tall God. The Intergalactic Café was considered by most to serve the best brunch in the universe. Remarkably high glasslike ceilings look out across the vastness of the universe. The clear material is magnified at various locations to give the skies a textured look which was especially brilliant at night. Its walls were pristine white with nary a smudge anywhere, with oversize hexagonal rotating windows. Various shaped tables scattered about the dining area gave the room a random feel that borders on chaotic. The service is anything but chaotic and is the gold standard of restaurant service. The moment Cosmo walked in he was greeted by an android host. Sleek and shiny features his face was not round or oval like most beings but an almost triangular shape but with much softer edges. It’s body was cylindrical and it hovered ever so slightly off the floor and moved with grace and precision. “Welcome Mr. Cosmo. I am Valarian your host. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Your table is ready. Your guest will arrive shortly as he has jut left the aquarium. Would you care for a Meademosa?“ It baffled Cosmo how these androids could know who everyone was, who they were with, and could tell with pinpoint accuracy where they’re guest are at any given time. He answered as he followed the android to a table. ”Yes indeed I would love a Meademosa.” Meademos is a traditional brunch drink made with honey Meade, citronium nectar, and sparkling Nitrogena (a 180 proof alcohol made from nitrogen). Often served with a frozen argon cube it is conssidered the tastiest morning beverage in the entire multi-verse. Besides, it was also the hair of the cyber canine that gnawed at the inside of ones head so a perfect distraction for the effects of a hangover. Cosmo sat down at his table. The table top, in the shape of a rhombus looked like a flowing river yet whatever was put on top of it sat motionless. His chair was actually in a parallel universe so it could not be seen giving the impression that all guests were sitting on air. It was extremely comfortable and it fit to ones body perfectly. Here in the District physic aren’t a law but more of a suggestion. After less than 20 seconds a hologram arrived with his Meademosa. “Good morning Mr. Cosmo, hope you are enjoying your stay in District seven.” Cosmo loved the efficiency of the hologram service. “Yes thank you, I have been having a wonderful time, but to be honest I can’t wait to get back to my own galaxy.” Holograms rarely engage in small talk and this morning was no exception. “I will return with your beverage and a menu.” Your guest is arriving in ten seconds. Poof she was gone. Great Draconius things appear and disappear so rapidly in the District.

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